I have some especially exciting news for all you homebuyers out there: Matt Mieras of CMG Financial Mortgage and I are willing to match a portion of your down payment to make your purchase much easier. Investopedia just ranked CMG as the No. 1 first-time homebuyer mortgage company in the U.S., and they have two unique programs. 

First is the Home Funded Program that allows you to crowdsource your down payment. We’ll set up an account that’s sort of like a GoFundMe page, and we’ll match up to $750 per donation. We also have the Borrow Smart Program that will give you up to $1,500 for down payment assistance and closing costs if you meet the income restrictions in your area. These are both excellent first-time homebuyer programs.

Reach out to Matt or me via phone or email so we can help you begin the home-buying process or if you want to learn more about our down payment matching offers. We would love to speak with you.