In addition to the latest news from our market, today I want to talk about a great workbook and planner written by Lars Hedenborg that can help you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Below, I’ve sectioned off the highlights from today’s video:

0:24 – What our market’s inventory crisis and rising interest rates mean for buyers and sellers.
2:30 – Introducing the “Intensive Workshop” workbook.
3:49 – Session 1: Putting your life first.
4:32 – Questions what will help you understand your “why.”
9:23 – Exercises to help you identify what you don’t want in your life and what you do want in your life.
11:13 – Writing your purpose statement and your personal goals.
12:09 – Switching over to “The Business Freedom Planner.”
14:45 – The Business Freedom Planner’s five P’s: planning, priorities, projects, potential, and positive focus.
15:15 – Bridging the gap between the results you’re committed to creating and the results you’ve produced in the past.
19:14 – Organizing and scheduling your five P’s for the entire 13 weeks of your quarter.

“This workbook and planner are a great way to stay on top of your goals.”

If you’re interested in using this workbook and planner, just get in touch with me and I’ll send them to you. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I’d be happy to help you.