My Interview With ServisFirst’s Vice President of Commercial Banking

Here’s my full interview with Kurt, vice president of commercial banking at ServisFirst.

Today I’ll be talking with Kurt, my good friend and senior vice president of commercial banking for ServisFirst Bank. He’s provided a ton of value to my business, so I wanted to ask him a few questions about how banks can be helpful to small businesses. You can watch the full interview above or skip to the timestamps provided below for your convenience. 0:05—Introduction 0:26—What is ServisFirst? 0:57—What does your typical client look like? 1:30—What’s your bank’s primary goal? 2:52—The advantage for small business owners 4:58—How did the recession change things? 5:50—My teams’ experience with ServisFirst 7:22—What does the commercial side of your bank look like? 9:10—Looking for clients that have a similar mindset 10:08—How do you help people with financing needs? 12:10—What’s your funding appetite for commercial properties? 15:06—Wrapping up If you have any questions regarding banking or real estate, feel free to reach out to me. If you’d like to reach out to Kurt, you can reach his cell phone at 843-414-3937.

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