January 3, 2022 In Videos

4 Things People Say About Selling a Home Today That Just Aren’t True

Here’s a look at 4 myths you’ve probably heard about selling a home today

You’ve heard the stories: Maybe your neighbors sold their fixer-upper as is for $100,000 over asking price. Or your friends were flooded with crazed homebuyers engaged in a bidding war within 24 hours of putting their house on the market.

It’s no secret that today’s seller’s market is wilder and more competitive than it’s been in years, fueling sellers’ hopes of major profits if they list their own home, too. All of which could be true—but only if you gauge your market carefully, and handle your sale with care.

For one, this strong seller’s market has started to show signs of softening, with fewer buyers and lower prices. This means sellers may need to reset their expectations.

To help home sellers separate fact from fiction, here’s a look at four myths you’ve probably heard about selling a home today, and why they might not be true for you. Plus, we’ve got some tips to adjust your strategies for the realities of today’s market so you can up the odds that your home actually does become the next success story on the block.

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