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The Benefits of Virtual Assistants

The benefits of virtual assistants and how you can do more with less.

Our market is shifting, and if you aren’t prepared, your real estate business could suffer. Fortunately, “Shift” by Gary Keller has everything you need to know about thriving in a changing market. Today I’ll cover one of the most important topics in this book: Finding good talent.

Keller describes two types of employees. One has plenty of skills and motivation but won’t grow beyond their current position. The other will do all of their work while being capable of much more. The second kind of talent is your greatest asset, as they will require less time to accomplish more.

Why not have your best talent lead some virtual assistants (VAs) to help them deliver an extraordinary client experience? What tasks could you leverage to a VA so that your high-performing talent can continue to grow and work on the business with you?

“Learn about how to do more with less as we prepare for the inevitable shift in our market.

One benefit of having VAs is that they can work during non-office hours, which ensures your business has eyes on it 24/7. Plus, they will save on expenses and office space. Think about everything you would have time to accomplish if you could delegate some of your smaller responsibilities.

I recommend ERS Virtual Assistants to do those tedious tasks for you. They’ll go over each role of the operation and leverage cyber support to deliver the extraordinary client experience I mentioned earlier. Let them do the heavy lifting for you to train your operations team. Then you can learn about how to do more with less as we prepare for the inevitable shift in our market.

If you have any questions about ERS or anything else related to real estate, don’t hesitate to reach out over the phone or email. I look forward to talking with you soon.

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