September 23, 2022 In Videos

How Can You Thrive in Our Changing Market?

Here’s how a short phone call changed Rob Straum’s real estate career. 


Being successful in real estate is hard, especially when the market is becoming more difficult. What can you do to succeed? 


Let’s look at our new agent, Rob Straum, as an example. He joined us in December 2021 and is set to become one of our most productive agents in 2022. However, this success didn’t occur immediately. Before he joined us, he was struggling to convert on his leads. As a result, he was working twice as hard as his peers and only receiving half the income. 


After joining the Dave Friedman Team, Rob’s career took a huge leap. Suddenly, he had the tools necessary to thrive. The busy work was handled by other team members, so he could do what he does best: selling homes. Now, he is on pace to sell over 70 homes in 2022 and make over $200,000 in commission. 


To check if the Dave Friedman Team is right for you, just give us a call. Rob gave us a quick call five months ago, and it changed his life. We look forward to hearing from you!

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