October 21, 2022 In Videos

Our Programs Help You Sell With Confidence

Two concerns that sellers are facing and how our programs can help.

Recently, many people have been talking about how it’s a perfect time to be a seller—and they’re still saying that with interest rates increasing. There’s so much demand here in South Carolina, and that hasn’t changed much. You can still list your property, and sell it at basically any price you want. However, there are still two main concerns sellers face today that we have developed programs to alleviate:

  1. Not knowing if a potential buyer will bring risk to your sale. To help with this, we’ve put together a list of things that we look at in an offer and in a buyer, which includes an “as is” sale, which means no financing contingencies, no appraisal contingencies, and a closing date that works well for you.

  2. The limited inventory. If you’re thinking about trading up or downsizing to meet the changing needs of your family dynamic, it might be a challenge if you’re not confident about where you’re moving to and when. To give you confidence, we’ve also created a program that attracts buyers who will agree to a quick close and let you continue to live in the home for up to a year. That way, you have time to figure out what you’d like to do next. We also have a very long list of properties that aren’t listed for sale publicly. That means if we can find you a home on this list, you don’t have to deal with multiple offers.

“We’d love to help you sell with ease and confidence.”

If you’re a potential seller and either of these programs sound appealing to you, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email with any questions that you have. We’d love to help you sell with ease and confidence.

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