December 27, 2022 In Videos

Programs That Can Turn You Into a Cash Buyer

                      How our programs can turn you into a cash buyer and increase your success.


Today’s home-buying market is not as competitive as it was recently because of rising interest rates, but many homes are still getting multiple offers, and some of them are all-cash offers. Therefore, if you make an offer that’s contingent on you getting a mortgage, you might get rejected and you risk losing your dream home.

Most buyers purchase with financing, but most sellers are much more likely to accept a cash offer because it lowers their risk. To help you be more competitive, we have exciting programs that we offer to our buyers that will increase their chances of getting accepted. Even if you need financing to purchase, our program will turn your offer into a cash offer. This puts the power back in your hands so you can win an amazing home.

Our programs will give you the peace of mind that your dream home won’t pass you by. Plus, they’ll help you close on time. 26% of mortgages that close are delayed, which is a risk for both buyers and sellers.

We can help you shop less and win more. Call us today to learn about our programs that will turn you into a cash buyer. We look forward to talking with you!

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