March 21, 2024 In Videos

Compassion Project

Throughout the year, we’ve organized numerous client events, with the Charleston RiverDogs being a staple among them. This time, I’m considering expanding our horizons to include events with the Charleston Stingrays, and the Charleston Battery, our local professional soccer team. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these options.

Please fill out the survey below and indicate your preference among these three choices. Depending on your feedback, there’s a possibility we could host all three events!

While baseball has traditionally been a favorite, I’m open to exploring other exciting activities, such as a family movie theater outing or anything else you believe would make for an engaging event. Your input is crucial as we aim to curate events that not only entertain but also inspire enthusiastic participation.

Please take a moment to reply to fill out this form, which includes a section for any additional suggestions you might have. Wishing you a fantastic day and looking forward to an exceptional year ahead. Thank you for your input!

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