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Make Your Next Move Easy: Buy Before You Sell in Charleston

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of selling your home and buying a new one at the same time? We understand how challenging this process can be. That’s why we have some fantastic programs to make it easier and more affordable for you!

Unlock Your Home’s Equity:
Did you know that the average homeowner has about $300,000 in equity? This substantial amount can make your next purchase very affordable, especially with our special programs offering interest rates in the fours, compared to the current average rate of 6.5%.

Our Unique Buy Before You Sell Program:
Our “Buy Before You Sell” program allows you to leverage the equity in your current home, so you can seamlessly purchase your next home. You won’t need to juggle two different payments like a typical HELOC or bridge loan. This program makes the transition smooth and stress-free.

Cash Offer Program:
We also have a Cash Offer Program similar to our Buy Before You Sell program. It shows you how much you can net from your home, giving you the flexibility to buy your next home without the stress of selling first.

Instant Home Evaluation Tool:
Curious about how much equity you have in your home? Use our free home evaluation tool to get an instant estimate. This tool provides you with information on your home’s value, potential sale price, and associated costs.

Incredible Interest Rates:
We also offer an exceptional program with interest rates in the fours. This is a game-changer in today’s market, where the average rate is much higher. By combining a low-interest rate with the equity from your current home, you can significantly reduce the amount you need to finance, making your new home more affordable.

Take Advantage Now:
Even though home prices have increased, the equity you have built up can work in your favor. Combine that with our low-interest rates and you have a winning combination to make your next home purchase very affordable.

Flexible Refinancing Options:
If interest rates go even lower, you can refinance within the next three years without any extra cost. This gives you the opportunity to benefit from any future rate drops.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about any of these programs, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to help you decide which option is best for you.

Thank you for considering us for your home buying and selling needs.

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