March 10, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

An Expert Advisor Will Give You the Best Advice in Today’s Market

Having an experienced guide coaching you through the process of buying or selling a home is important in a normal market – but today’s market is far from normal. As a result, an expert real estate advisor…

March 8, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

Millennials: Do You Need a Home with More Space?

If you’re a millennial, homebuying might be top of mind for you. Your generation is the largest group of homebuyers in the market today and has been since 2014, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR)….

March 7, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

The True Cost of Purchasing a Home in Charleston

Why Being Coachable Is Important What is the true cost of buying a home in Charleston? The down payment will always be the largest expense, but you’ll have plenty of other fees aside from that. Inspection fees, title insurance, and adjustments are all costs…

March 4, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

The #1 Reason To Sell Your House Today

Almost every industry is currently struggling with supply chain disruptions. This also applies to the current U.S. housing market, where buyer demand far exceeds housing supply. Purchaser demand is very strong right now. The National Association…

March 1, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

4 Simple Graphs Showing Why This Is Not a Housing Bubble

A recent survey revealed that many consumers believe there’s a housing bubble beginning to form. That feeling is understandable, as year-over-year home price appreciation is still in the double digits. However, this market is very different than…

February 24, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

What Every Seller Needs To Know About Renovating This Year

If you’re planning to sell this year, you’re probably thinking about what you’ll need to do to get your house ready to appeal to the most buyers. It’s crucial to work with a trusted real…

February 22, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

Are You Ready To Fall in Love with Homeownership?

Financial benefits are always a key aspect of homeownership, but it’s also important to understand that the nonfinancial and personal benefits are why so many people genuinely fall in love with their homes. When you own your…

February 18, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

Want Top Dollar for Your House? Now’s the Time To List It.

When you’re selling any item, you usually want to sell it for the greatest profit possible. That happens when there’s a strong demand and a limited supply for that item. In the real estate market,…

February 16, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

Why Being Coachable Is Important

Why Being Coachable Is Important As a company and a team, when we’re looking at potential candidates, one of the most important traits we’re looking for is coachability. We usually ask our candidates to describe a time in…

February 15, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

Millions of Americans Have Discovered the Benefits of Multigenerational Households

If your needs are changing, you may be thinking about sharing a home with additional loved ones, such as grandparents, adult children, or other extended family members. Whether it’s for financial or health-related circumstances, or…