November 16, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

Why Are We Seeing More Foreclosures?

  What will happen now that the moratorium on foreclosures has ended?   Are we about to see a tsunami of foreclosures and a struggling market similar to what happened in the real estate market…

November 10, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

3 Simple Ways To Help Your Clients Buy First

Three methods to help your clients buy a home before they sell.   How many clients have asked you if they can buy before they sell? Maybe they don’t want to move twice, or perhaps…

October 21, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

Our Programs Help You Sell With Confidence

Two concerns that sellers are facing and how our programs can help. Recently, many people have been talking about how it’s a perfect time to be a seller—and they’re still saying that with interest rates…

October 13, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

What New Agents Should Do To Succeed

These three tips will ensure you succeed as a new real estate agent.   Statistics show that 45% of real estate agents have less than two years of experience. If you’re new to the industry,…

October 6, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

Get a FREE Pumpkin!

You’re Invited to Our First-Ever Great Pumpkin Giveaway Today I’m excited to invite you to our first-ever Great Pumpkin Giveaway. This community appreciation event is going to take place on Sunday, October 8th between 11 a.m….

September 28, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

The Latest News From Our Market

We go over the latest residential real estate market information. We know the market, and we’re here to help you. Let’s go over the September 2022 market and update you on the latest residential real…

September 23, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

How Can You Thrive in Our Changing Market?

Here’s how a short phone call changed Rob Straum’s real estate career.    Being successful in real estate is hard, especially when the market is becoming more difficult. What can you do to succeed?   …

September 20, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

3 Ways Buyers Can Be More Competitive

  A few tips and programs that can make a buyer’s offer more competitive. Our market is extremely busy and will continue to be for a long time. Everything I’m hearing, reading, and researching has the experts saying…

September 8, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

The Socratic Way of Selling

 Learning the Socratic way of selling and how to communicate effectively.   Have you ever struggled to work with a certain person? Have you ever been on an appointment with someone and didn’t connect with them, but…

September 8, 2022 In Buying a Home, Consultancy

The Benefits of Virtual Assistants

The benefits of virtual assistants and how you can do more with less.  Our market is shifting, and if you aren’t prepared, your real estate business could suffer. Fortunately, “Shift” by Gary Keller has everything…