September 8, 2022 In Videos

The Socratic Way of Selling

Learning the Socratic way of selling and how to communicate effectively.


Have you ever struggled to work with a certain person? Have you ever been on an appointment with someone and didn’t connect with them, but they hired you anyways? Maybe you’ve experienced the opposite. You felt like you connected well with someone only to watch them hire another agent. If you have ever experienced any of these things, you probably felt very confused.


“In the eyes of the consumer, the meeting is all about them.”


As a real estate agent, you must understand your personality, as well as those of your clients. If you need help with this, we have lots of training on understanding these things and how to interact well with all kinds of people.

Socrates believed that your argument could not be forced. Instead, he thought much is gained and enlisting your customer’s power by getting them on your side. In the eyes of the consumer, the meeting is all about them, not you or what you’re trying to sell. Unless the customer sees you making an effort to understand their perspective, they will see you as self-serving.


When you combine the Socratic way of selling with your ability to communicate effectively, you’ll become unstoppable. Call me if you need any more training on this, I would love to help.

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