February 20, 2023 In Videos

Shop Less and Win More: Make a Cash Offer Today

Our programs make it easy for you to put in an all-cash offer.


Due to increasing interest rates, today’s home-buying market is not as competitive as it was before. You might be surprised that we still see multiple offers, though, and some of them are all-cash offers. If you make an offer contingent on getting a mortgage, the seller might reject it, and you risk not getting your dream home. This is not necessarily the case anymore, though.

Most buyers purchase with financing. Sellers are much more likely to accept an offer from a buyer that’s paying cash. They choose this because it lowers the risk of delays, appraisal, and, worst of all, sale cancellation because the loan didn’t get approved. This creates more hassles, a longer time frame to sell, and likely a lower sales price next time for the seller after they put the home back on the market. They would love to avoid all these risks by accepting a cash offer.

We have two exciting programs to offer our buyers that will significantly increase your odds of your offer getting accepted. Even if you need financing to purchase, our program will turn your offer into a cash offer, making a winning all-cash offer for you today.

Our programs allow you to make a cash offer that puts the power back in your hands so you can find an amazing home, put your best foot forward, and win it. Cash offers are actually three times more likely to beat out financing offers. This will give you peace of mind that your dream home won’t pass you by. Furthermore, you can close on time: 26% of mortgages that close are delayed, and that’s another risk for a seller and a huge inconvenience for our buyers, too. We use our cash, so you always close on time on whichever day the seller and you choos

You can shop less and win more. Don’t shop for months only to keep losing out on offers. Make a cash offer today so you can keep moving. Call us for details on our two exciting programs that will convert you to a cash offer today.

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